Uttarkashi Minerals Corporation makes an innovation and looked to the heavenly pure water of Ganga, directly from the glacier of Gangotri Valley which is loaded with minerals and herbs to nourish the whole you.

Uttarkashi Minerals Corporation holds all necessary registrations and approvals by the Government of India and is fully equipped.




What is the pH level in Sheer Ganga 1 Litre?

The pH level in a Sheer Ganga 1 litre ranges from 7.3 to 7.9. This makes Vedica a soothing antacid and naturally alkaline.


What does Sheer Ganga 1 litre contain?

The Sheer Ganga 1 litre bottle contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulphate and bicarbonates.


What is the calorie count in Sheer Ganga 1 litre?

Sheer Ganga 1 litre has no calories.


What is the difference between RO water and Sheer Ganga 1 litre?

Here is how the Sheer Ganga 1 litre is different and better than RO water:


During the purification process, RO water gets demineralised whereas a Sheer Ganga 1 litre contains essential minerals.

Every batch of Sheer Ganga 1 litre bottles is thoroughly checked to make sure that it is free from all harmful chemicals and microbes.

Explore the taste of natural luxury sourced directly from the mighty Ganges