Facts Of Gangajal:

The holy waters of River Ganga – Gangajal, originating from the Himalayas, cover huge distances falling through the mountains.
The water is revered for its crystal-clear purity which is known as the divine mix of multi-minerals and unique herbs.

Sealed hermetically, untouched by human hands or other impurities, we try to keep intact all its natural qualitative aspects that improve digestive system, preserve elements of its goodness. It has high stimulant properties that are believed to possess the ability to enhance and retain wisdom. It has the capability to cure many ailments. Since ancient times, it has been believed that Gangajal possesses natural elements that have healing properties for ‘upachar’.

According to ‘Agni-Purana’, one of the most revered ancient Hindu texts, it is said that wherever Ganga water reaches, the place ineluctably gets cleaned up from all the sins, evils and becomes sacred. Ganga water is known to sanctify everything and every place it is subjected to. It is said that just a few drops of pure Ganges water turns everything holy or ‘Pavitra’.

Among the Hindus, it is essentially used while worshipping or performing the pujas and all the rituals. It is said that its use in holy activities leads to meaningful and rewarding results. For effective and rewarding ‘puja’, Gangajal is essentially required. It is auspicious to keep gangajal in the worship area for various uses. Ganga has a long theological history and associated also with various aspects of science. Ganga water or Gangajal has particular chemical qualities. A lot of research work has been done on the water of river Ganges and it has been found that the water contains chemical compositions that make it authentically rich in minerals. It has magically healing qualities.

It also has been confirmed by the Indian environmentalists that Gangajal has amazing self-cleaning properties. Because of this, the water never deteriorates or loses its goodness even if stored in closed utensils for years. The soil at the river-bed is immensely fertile and possesses medicinal characteristics. Keeping this fact into strong consideration that devotees scattered at far-off places all over the globe have no other option but perform all the rituals without the blessings of Mother Ganges; we have pledged to provide them pure Gangajal, so that they are not deprived of the sacred water during important occasions.